We acquire, build and grow great enterprise software businesses.

Continuing to grow your legacy.

Banyan is run by entrepreneurs and works with entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their software businesses. We work with both sellers who are looking to stay on in a management role but seek liquidity and those looking to exit completely. In either case, we know that building a business takes years of hard work and our goal is to continue growing the business for the long-term.

Unlike typical investment firms or other acquirers, our plan isn’t to resell your business down the road. We aim to provide a permanent home for your business and want to continue the legacy of the company’s culture, product and teams that have been built over many years.

Our Promise to Sellers

Continued legacy

We will focus on the long-term growth and success of the business. We plan to hold our businesses forever and will provide the capital to invest in building the company’s products and teams for decades.

Employee focus

Banyan appreciates the strong relationships a privately owned business nurtures with their employees. We are committed to building the best workplaces in the world where employees are treated as long-term partners.

Experts in software

All we focus on is enterprise software businesses. This focus ensures we are well prepared to evaluate your business quickly and execute on growth after the transaction.

Quick decisions

Your time is valuable and we will respect it. We work hard to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and can make acquisition decisions very quickly.

Flexible terms

Our structure allows us to be quite flexible. We will work in partnership with you on a structure and post-acquisition role that suits your desires.


We understand the concerns of privately held and family-owned business owners. We are committed to keeping every aspect of our discussions with sellers completely confidential.

What We Look For

Banyan works with owners who have built outstanding software companies that serve distinct vertical markets.

Banyan companies generally fit the following criteria:

  • Annual revenues of $2M-$30M
  • Positive operating margins and cash flow
  • Strong, defensible, niche position in a market
  • High customer retention rates
  • High percentage of recurring revenue
  • Happy employees with low employee turnover

Most importantly, we recognize that every software company is unique. Feel free to reach out to us for a quick and confidential discussion regarding whether we might be the right partner for you.

What Sellers Say

Thinking of Selling?

We understand – selling your business is big a decision. Even if it’s not the right time just yet, we would love to speak with you and open the conversation. We live and breathe software and would be happy to share our expertise on how an exit may look, things to consider before selling, and market valuations. Email or call us and we will respond within 24 hours.

What do you need to know before selling your software business? Get a copy of our free guide for owners.

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Our Team

Owners turn to Banyan because they want their business to continue thriving for long into the future and care deeply about who they partner with in a transition. Banyan’s capital comes from a small group of world-class entrepreneurs, executives and investors. With a family office-like structure, we have the unique ability to provide a “permanent home” for your company while bringing the wisdom and dedication of the group to its continued success. Our team includes:

Banyan Executives:

Selected Investment Partners:

Contact Us

Drop us a line and we will work hard to respond within 24 hours. All of our conversations with sellers remain strictly confidential.

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