The best permanent home for successful software businesses

We help entrepreneurs who care deeply about their teams and customers and who want to avoid seeing their business end up in the wrong hands. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll provide a long-term solution for your business and help it grow into the future.

Legacy is our priority

Building successful businesses takes years of hard work and commitment. Banyan was established to protect what people have built and to help carry that success forward into the future.

Buy, hold and
grow for life

We preserve the legacy of your business—for you, your team, and your customers. Unlike other buyers, our plan isn’t to resell your business. We provide a permanent home that gives your team and customers confidence and stability in their future.

Resources for
long-term success

As a large family of successful software businesses, we connect you to expertise and resources that keep you thriving. Whether it’s enhanced sales and marketing or assistance recruiting top talent, we’re here to help drive growth.


The best operating decisions are made by the people closest to your employees and customers: your management team. We follow a decentralized model that empowers and supports your team in running the day-to-day.

What we look for
in our businesses

If you own a successful enterprise software business and are thinking about selling, Banyan could be the place for you. Our businesses generally meet these criteria:

  1. History of profitability with annual revenues greater than $2M
  2. Profitable with a high contribution of recurring revenue
  3. Market leadership with a strong, defensible position in a niche area
  4. Great customer relationships characterized by high retention and satisfaction rates
  5. Highly engaged team with happy, committed employees and low turnover

Let’s talk about
your business

Complete the form below and our team will be in touch for a confidential chat to answer any questions and see whether Banyan is the right fit for your business.

    Candor and transparency — every step of the way

    Our straightforward acquisition process focuses on building trust and mutual alignment. We are able to close quickly to minimize the impact on you and your team.

    Continued legacy

    We plan to hold our businesses forever and will provide the capital to invest in building the company’s products and teams for decades.

    Employee focus

    Banyan appreciates the strong relationships a privately owned business nurtures with employees and we are committed to building the best workplaces in the world.

    Experts in software

    Our focus on enterprise software businesses ensures we are well prepared to evaluate your business quickly and execute on growth after the transaction.

    Quick decisions

    We respect the value of your time and will work hard to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and can make acquisition decisions quickly.

    Flexible terms

    Our terms are flexible and we will work in partnership with you on a structure and post-acquisition role that is right for you.

    Fair valuations

    We acquire healthy businesses and have a strong sense of market valuations. While fit is important, we know that the valuation is too.

    Join a supportive family of thriving companies

    100% referenceable with Banyan owners

    Seller story

    My husband and I built our company with our own funding and sweat equity. Without the demands of debt and private equity, we were always free to make decisions that were in the best interest of our clients and our employees.

    Jinny Laderer, former owner,
    Seller story

    Deciding to sell your business is not easy! After long discussions about the future of our business, we concluded that the best long-term decision would be to seek a strategic buyer. Our desire was to find a partner who would ensure continuity for our customers and staff.

    Marvin Sauer, former owner,
    Lightspeed Data Solutions

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