The best permanent home for successful software businesses

We help entrepreneurs who care deeply about their teams and customers and want to ensure their business finds a great home. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll provide a long-term solution for your business and help it grow into the future.

Legacy is our priority

Building successful businesses takes years of hard work and commitment. Banyan was established to protect what people have built and to help carry that success forward into the future.

Buy, hold and
grow for life

We preserve the legacy of your business—for you, your team, and your customers. Unlike other buyers, our plan isn’t to resell. We provide a permanent home that provides confidence and stability for the future.

Resources for
long-term success

As a family of successful software businesses, we connect you to expertise and resources that keep you thriving. Whether it’s enhanced sales and marketing or help recruiting top talent, we’re here to support your growth.


The best operating decisions are made by the people closest to your employees and customers: your management team. We follow a decentralized model that keeps your team in control of the day-to-day.

“Having been through this process several times in the past, I found that my gut was right in selecting Banyan. I knew if we selected a firm with a long term view and strong morals, the details would work themselves out.”

Marvin Sauer, former owner,
Lightspeed Data Solutions

“Selling a company you've spent 20 years growing is no easy decision. Finding a buyer who relates to your desire to protect that legacy and its employees is a challenge. The promises you read about have been a true reflection of Banyan’s operating principles.”

Amy Gruber, former owner,
School Pathways

Cathy Wassenaar

Hear Cathy, CEO of Next Chapter Technology, as she shares her journey taking over as CEO, building a strong management team, and identifying long-term strategic objectives.

Since 2016, Banyan has been buying and operating successful software companies with strong positions in niche markets.

Our buy-and-hold-for-life strategy allows us to invest in the people and in the growth of our businesses over the long-term.

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