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Read our annual highlights to learn about our growth over the past year and how you can be part of what’s coming next in 2023.

Message from the CEO

At the start of every new year, I like to shift my gaze back, to reflect on the success stories that brought us here, the people that made it possible, and the new learnings that fuel our continued growth.

I’m immensely proud of our collective accomplishments. Despite many months of volatility in the markets and a bleak global economic outlook, we’ve stayed the course, acquiring new businesses, expanding our team, and continually exceeding our goals. This success is a testament to the passionate, hard-working people that keep Banyan thriving, as well as the incredible businesses that call Banyan home.

Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking with countless owners and hearing stories of how you built successful businesses from the ground up. What stands out most for me is how deeply you care about the enduring success of your team, your customers, and your legacy. That’s something that matters to all of us here at Banyan, and that we will always be dedicated to protecting.

Whether you’re looking back on your own successes or ahead to what’s next, I want to wish you all the best in 2023.


David Berkal | CEO, Banyan Software

Highlights from 2022

Over the last year we welcomed a record number of people and businesses into our global community throughout Australia and New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland, the US, and Canada.

Here are a few of the businesses that joined Banyan in 2022.

Camis Inc.

Camis provides reservation and facilities management solutions for government-operated parks and campgrounds across Canada and the United States.

Argus Tracking

Argus delivers intelligent fleet management solutions for customers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Loan Vision

Loan Vision is the leading provider of loan level accounting software to the mortgage banking industry.


​​Aequitas is a leader in K-12 student information systems (SIS), providing innovative tools that allow educators to easily identify and adapt to the changing needs of their districts.


PrintIQ delivers a comprehensive print management system to customers throughout New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Europe.


FYB streamlines information governance and records management processes for Australian public sector agencies.


Innovatum’s enterprise labeling software solutions enable the automation of product and package labeling and regulatory data upload in the life sciences industry.

Clockwork IT

Clockwork IT delivers field service management software that helps maximize the efficiency and productivity of thousands of remote workers across the UK.

Element 34 GmbH

Element34’s flagship product, SBOX, allows enterprises to test the functionality of their web and mobile applications across multiple browsers and mobile devices at scale.

Alpine Software

Alpine delivers custom public safety management software to fire departments and ambulance services throughout the United States.


Softsmiths delivers cloud-based solutions to the electricity and natural gas industries that lower costs, reduce risk, and automate administrative processes.

100% referenceable

See what former owners have to say about their experience in joining Banyan.

Seller Story

Every business has a story. And if you ask a hundred entrepreneurs why they founded their company, you’ll likely hear a hundred unique answers.

Some are pursuing a lifelong passion. Others want to be their own boss. For many, it’s about solving a problem no one else can solve.

For Nick James, starting his software company was mostly about one thing: proving that he could.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Reed Fawell. Reed joined Banyan in late 2022 as an Operating Partner and works directly with CEOs and management teams across our business to help drive growth and support long-term strategic planning.

I have spent over 20 years on the go-to-market side of recurring revenue businesses, most recently with several years as a Chief Revenue Officer. Given my experience operating within growing companies to drive organic growth and overseeing acquisitions of small software companies, when I was approached by Banyan with the Operating Partner role, I was quickly intrigued by the opportunity to leverage my experience in a new way. As I became more acquainted with Banyan’s long-term, sustainable philosophy and high caliber of people, I was delighted to join the firm in November.

So far, Banyan has been true to what I sensed during the interview process. The Banyan team has the “trifecta” qualities of smart, nice, and hardworking.

I’ll ensure they are empowered to succeed and see me as their “coach” first and foremost. That includes giving them a safe space to discuss challenges while being held accountable. It can be lonely at the top, so it’s important they trust me as their sounding board when they need it and are open to feedback when they don’t realize they need it. I learned long ago that colleagues won’t listen to your advice if they don’t already believe that you genuinely care about their success and well-being.

I am looking forward to seeing our companies grow and welcoming new ones to the team! I also look forward to helping my future new colleagues find their way around Banyan and their operating companies as I am grateful for the support from my Banyan colleagues over the last two months.

Introducing Banyan Guilds

Combined strengths, collective success

There’s so much to look forward to in 2023. Something we’re especially excited
about is the continued roll out of our Banyan Guilds program designed to support the success of our businesses.

Each guild focuses on a different area of business: Sales & Marketing, Customer Success, and Product Strategy & Development. These discipline-specific groups bring together specialists from across our businesses to connect, network, share success stories, exchange best practices, and learn from each other. The program is just one example of the resources our companies have access to — all part of our commitment to supporting their long-term growth.

What’s your vision for 2023?

We hope the year ahead brings you plenty of success, prosperity, and inspiration. We’re always on the lookout for great enterprise software businesses that serve niche markets and are excited to connect with you in 2023, learn about your goals, and see if Banyan is the right fit for you.

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