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We are committed to supporting your unique needs and we recognize that each business requires tailored resources and assistance to thrive.

Our businesses get access to Banyan Business Services which are a set of support, resources, and expertise to foster the long-term success of your business. These flexible and scalable services are designed to adapt and evolve with you which ensures a smooth operational transition and sustainable growth.

Operating Support

Expert guidance and proven playbooks – on your terms. We provide the necessary capital, resources, and advice to help you make decisions today that will benefit the business in the long-run.

› Coaching & Best Practices
› Dedicated Operating Partner
› Banyan Operating System
› Strategic HR
› Strategic Finance

Shared Services

A wide range of essential and value-added services to streamline operations, reduce costs, and get access to specialized knowledge when you need it. We help to offload much of the administrative work that ties up business owners to allow you to focus on your core competencies.

› Finance, Tax, HR Admin, Legal
› Marketing
› Business Development & Sales
› Technology Operations


We aim to facilitate meaningful connections, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities that promote learning, innovation, and collective growth. Our businesses draw on decades of combined knowledge and experience through our CEO community and leadership programs.

› Onboarding
› Functional Guilds
› CEO Summit
› Community Portal


Phil Musgrave

Phil, CEO of Atamis, shares his experience as a new CEO and how his plans to achieve revenue growth have been accelerated.


Adam Cole

Adam, CEO of Medicat, shares insights on navigating change in ownership and leadership while balancing organization objectives with individuals’ goals and aspirations.

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