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If your enterprise software company is on a mission to revolutionize the media and communications landscape, we’re here to fuel your long-term success.

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Where software leaders find their best permanent home

In the competitive, fast-moving world of media and communications, building a great software business takes hard work, commitment, and clear vision. When you’re ready to sell, we’re here to preserve that legacy — and ensure your team, customers, and company continue to grow.

With you all the way

We buy, hold, and grow for life—and never plan to resell your business. That gives your team and customers confidence and stability long into the future.

Customer success

You’ve nurtured strong relationships over many years and those are key to your legacy. We’re committed to keeping your customers supported and satisfied.

A future of independence

Our decentralized model respects the autonomy of your decision makers while supporting your team in managing day-to-day operations.

Thriving teams

Your people are at the heart of your organization. We protect and develop your existing teams as we advance our mission to build the best workplaces in the world.

Experts in media and comms software

Our knowledge and experience in the industry means we have what it takes to evaluate your business quickly and execute on growth.

Growth ecosystem

At Banyan, you’re part of a large family of successful software businesses in diverse industries, including media and communications, that share expertise and resources to help you grow.

Seller story

Pathway to long-term success

After 20 years in business, EdTech company School Pathways were market leaders, delivering streamlined operations for charter schools across California. When it came time to sell, they needed the best route to lasting success for their customers and team.


How to sell your business

If you’re a first-time seller, the idea of handing over the reins can be stressful. Learn the ins and out of the process and how to set your company up for continued success.

Fact sheet

Transparent decisions, fast execution

Wondering what to expect from the sale process? Our responsive team is experienced at keeping decisions honest, confidential, and fast. We’ll work to find mutual alignment while conducting thorough due diligence and executing right away.

Seller story


For market leaders vCreative, whose workflow management software powers most of the largest radio stations in the US, close customer relationships and a tight-knit team are critical to success. How did they find a buyer to keep their growth going?


What to expect when selling your business

Hear directly from two former owners who’ve recently been through the sale process. They share their experience and advice on establishing goals, priorities and outcomes.

Fact sheet

Transparent decisions, fast execution

Wondering what to expect from the sale process? Our responsive team is experienced at keeping decisions honest, confidential, and fast. We’ll work to find mutual alignment while conducting thorough due diligence and executing right away.

"When I met Banyan, I quickly realized that our business vision and philosophies lined up exactly. Banyan met every single requirement."

Jinny Laderer, former owner, vCreative

Frequently asked questions

All of our media and communications businesses are leaders in niche markets and led by independent management teams. Banyan’s role is to support them in growing their success and preserving their individual culture. Our team includes business specialists who have significant experience working in broadcast media, telecommunications infrastructure & networking, print and publishing, digital media, and more.

You can expect a responsive, transparent, and confidential sale process from start to finish. We only engage in processes where we are highly confident that there is a strong fit, that we can close in a clean and seamless way, and that we will be great stewards of the company going forward. It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 5 months, but from the beginning we take care to set a pace and timeline that you’re comfortable with. Read more about our sale process.

Our experienced team works closely with you to find the right solution, whether you want to stay at the helm or make a graceful exit. Close to two-thirds of the time, owners are seeking to retire or move on, either at closing or within a year or two post-acquisition. In these situations, we work together to recruit great talent, ensuring we find leaders who are the right fit.

You know your business and customers best. That’s why we follow a decentralized model that lets you or your management team continue running day-to-day operations. We always plan to keep existing teams and products intact as stand-alone businesses that nonetheless benefit from being part of a larger family of software companies. While we welcome opportunities to explore new sales channels, we typically keep our businesses, brands, and products separate and tend not to absorb one into another.

We work with entrepreneurs who care deeply about their customers and want to avoid seeing their business end up in the wrong hands. By providing a permanent home, we ensure your customers have confidence and stability long into the future. We’re committed to sustaining, building, and strengthening relationships for decades to come.

Our goal is to be the best permanent home for successful software businesses. Unlike traditional investment firms, we have no desire to resell your company down the road. We look to hold onto and grow our businesses for life.

All Banyan employees have access to growth opportunities across our portfolio of businesses. We believe that great software companies are only possible because of great people. Not only do we strive to minimize impact to your team post-acquisition, we also nurture a culture of professional and personal growth that helps strengthen your talent pool, improve employee satisfaction, and drive innovation.

Meet the team

If you own a successful media and communications software business and are thinking about selling, Banyan could be the place for you. Our experienced team is available to answer your questions and explore if we’re the right fit for your business.

Michael Bottomley,
Corporate Development

Michael is passionate about SaaS solutions and sustainable growth initiatives that take software companies from start-ups to established industry leaders. In a large and ever-evolving industry, he enjoys leveraging the knowledge of founders and industry experts to gain new insights and help bring a long-term strategic focus to our Media & Communications portfolio.

Jesse Armel,
M&A Manager

With a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, Jesse guides founders and operators through all stages of the transaction process. An accountant by trade, he worked previously in KPMG’s Canadian National Software practice supporting high-growth public and venture-backed software companies, and holds national CFE Honour Roll distinction for his CPA designation.

Max Risen,
Head of M&A

Max is a software-focused entrepreneurial accountant who leads the acquisition and post-merger integrations of our vertical market software businesses throughout Canada, US, Europe, and Australia. His passion for technology, finance, and business operations led him to transition from assurance and M&A advisory to working with founders throughout the sale process.

Susie Hedrick
President/CEO vCreative | Operating Partner

Susie brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in sales, strategy, development, and operations for premiere media technology companies. She is a passionate and trusted advocate for her customers, priding herself on delivering products that help grow and transform businesses. Prior to joining vCreative, Susie led enterprise sales for WideOrbit, the largest sell-side processor of premium advertising in the world, managing more than $35B in advertising revenue for its clients.

What makes
a Banyan business?

Our businesses generally meet these criteria:

  1. History of profitability with annual revenues greater than $2M
  2. Profitable with a high contribution of recurring revenue
  3. Market leadership with a strong, defensible position in a niche area
  4. Great customer relationships characterized by high retention and satisfaction rates
  5. Highly engaged team with happy, committed employees and low turnover

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