Who we are

Banyan was founded on one simple but powerful vision: to help successful software businesses continue thriving long into the future.

We help owners confidently take the next step knowing their legacy will be protected.

With no need or desire to sell our businesses down the road, as well as support from a large family of great software businesses, Banyan is well equipped to preserve the foundation you’ve built and fuel your continued success.

Our philosophy

We hold successful enterprise software businesses and grow them for life.

Our approach

Our experienced team works closely with you to find the right solution, whether you want to stay at the helm or make a graceful exit.

Our promise

We’re committed to building trusting, long-term relationships to ensure your legacy and success continue.

“Banyan was founded with a belief that we could be the best possible permanent home in the world for successful software companies—and that we could build on what founders had worked so hard to create. Our companies benefit from being part of a wider family of software businesses while retaining the culture and autonomy that has allowed them to serve their customers so well.”

David Berkal, CEO, Banyan Software

Founder David Berkal has a background as both an entrepreneur and as a traditional investor. But his time as an investor left him disheartened by the short-term mentality of many of these firms. Owners were often choosing between two bad options: selling to a competitor who was looking to drive profit by cutting costs, or to a traditional investment firm, who would resell the business a few years down the road. Banyan’s idea was to offer a third option.

David raised capital from a world-class group of entrepreneurs aligned on a vision of a permanent holding company for great software businesses. As a private company, Banyan can look beyond quarterly earnings and focus on doing the right things over the long-term.

Join a supportive family of thriving companies

100% referenceable with Banyan owners

Seller story

My husband and I built our company with our own funding and sweat equity. Without the demands of debt and private equity, we were always free to make decisions that were in the best interest of our clients and our employees.

Jinny Laderer, former owner,
Seller story

Deciding to sell your business is not easy! After long discussions about the future of our business, we concluded that the best long-term decision would be to seek a strategic buyer. Our desire was to find a partner who would ensure continuity for our customers and staff.

Marvin Sauer, former owner,
Lightspeed Data Solutions

We’re on a mission to acquire, build, and grow great software businesses all over the world. And the foundations of great businesses are the people.

  1. We invest in people and talent, and keep existing teams in place.
  2. We allow our businesses to continue to operate independently.
  3. We support our businesses, and CEO’s in particular, with shared services and expertise where helpful.
  4. We don’t resell your business down the road.
  5. We value trust and follow through on what we say we are going to do.

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