Banyan Software, Inc. Announces Acquisition of H&W Computer Systems, Inc.

Banyan Software, Inc., a leading acquirer and permanent home for great enterprise software businesses, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of H&W Computer Systems, Inc. (H&W), a company specializing in mainframe computer software.

Founded in 1979, H&W has been a pioneer in the mainframe software market. The company’s flagship product, SYSB-II, enables mainframes to process batch transactions seamlessly, while maintaining uninterrupted online user activity, allowing users to access real-time data on demand. Today, corporations worldwide including many Global 500 companies trust H&W and SYSB-II for their mission critical software.

H&W has rightfully earned a strong leadership position in the market with its customer-centric approach and exceptional product performance. We see an exciting opportunity to continue building upon this position, nurturing and retaining the highly skilled and dedicated employee base, and implementing thoughtful growth strategies for the future.

David Berkal • CEO, Banyan Software

Banyan shares the same discipline and focus that I have prided myself on, and their core values mirror those of H&W. The integrity and desire to make it a better place were evident from the beginning, and with their resources and expertise, H&W can continue to excel for years to come. I can start this next chapter of my life knowing I have left my team and customers in the best hands possible!

Matt Link • Owner and CEO, H&W Computer Systems

About H&W Computer Systems, Inc. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, H&W has been a leading provider of business software solutions to corporations and other organizations since 1979. H&W offers mainframe system tools to address the complex problems facing corporations and their data centers. 

About Banyan Software, Inc. Banyan Software provides the best permanent home for successful enterprise software companies, their employees, and customers. With a permanent capital base set up to preserve the legacy of founders, Banyan focuses on a buy and hold for life strategy for growing software companies. Founded in 2016, Banyan is backed by a world-class group of CEOs and investors with deep technology experience and currently operates across a growing number of verticals.

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